Seasonal Calendar

The purpose of this proposed calendar is to help draw us closer to the cycles of the earth, to remind us of our ties to the land, to each other, and to our ancestors. 

There are eight Observances corresponding to the begining/end and peak of the four seasons.  Holidays from other traditions that correspond either exactly or approximately to the season are listed in parentheses as reference.  All of the proposed rituals are drawn from something that already is done in one or more tradition.  Obviously, the cycles of planting and harvest will occur at different times depending on where you live. Thus, the dates given are meant to be a suggestion; you should feel free to adapt them as necessary based on your local needs.  Please provide suggestions in the wizdUUm discussion forums.

Winter Solstice

December 20-23
or June 19-23

The start another solar year is a time to take stock of the previous year and start the new one fresh.

Day of Resolutions

(See also: Yule, Dōngzhì, Christmas, Hanukkah)

End Winter/Begin Spring

February 2-4
or Aug 1-7

This is traditionally the time of year when we look forward to spring and anticipate the coming of new life.

Blessing of the Seeds

(See also: Imbolc, Lìchūn, Candlemas, Tu B’Shevat)

Spring Equinox

March 19-22
or Sept 21-24

Spring has sprung; flowers are in bloom, and life expresses itself in a diversity of ways.

Flower Communion

(See also: Ostara, Chūnfēn, Annunciation Day/Easter, Passover)

End Spring/Begin Summer

May 1-6
or Nov 1-7

At the end of spring/beginning of summer, a time to recognize and give thanks for newest members of the community.

Festival of the First Fruits

(See also: Beltaine, Lìxià, Walpurgis, Shavuot)

Summer Solstice

June 19-23
or Dec 20-23

At the half way mark of the solar year, when the light is brightest, a time to reflect on how things are going.

Day of Reflections

(See also: Litha, Xiàzhì, St. John's Feast, Fast of Tammuz)

End Summer/Begin Autumn

August 1-7
or Feb 2-4

The beginning of the harvest season, the work of spring and summer beginning to pay off.

Blessing of the Loaves

(See also: Lughnasadh, Lìqiū, Lammas)

Autumn Equinox

September 21-24
or Mar 19-22

At the fall equinox, daylight is receding and harvests are being brought in - it is a time of ingathering.

Water Communion

(See also: Mabon, Qiūfēn, Michaelmas, Rosh Hashanah)

End Autumn/Begin Winter

November 1-7
or May 1-6

As the harvest season comes to an end, it is a time of fruition and death - a time to think of those who have passed.

Festival of the Ancestors

(See also: Samhain, Lìdōng, Hallowmas, Day of the Dead, Sukkot)

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