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Under a Dark Sky

It was cold and rainy today.  I trudged along to the metro on wet streets under a sky of various shades of dark gray. Waited for the train on a platform that dripped dirty rain.  And boarded a car to be confronted by the acrid smell of mold.  But things weren't all bad - I was able to find a backwards facing seat.  Looking down I thought about what I needed to do for the day, how I was already late for work.  Looking up I saw it.  

At that moment, the clouds had parted and a ray of light was illuminating the National Basilica, its dome and tower, making them glow ethereally.  Bright gold and blue against a dark sky. 

I go by the Basilica almost every day and love the inside, but had never seen the outside like that.

It made the gray of the rest of the day beautiful.

Alice in Wonderland

Driving home (north) on South Dakota Avenue late tonight, in the murky darkness.  Movement caught my eye from the right.  On the side walk something was moving.  What is that, a cat?  No.  A possum?  No.  Something hopping.  It was a rabbit!  A white rabbit.  A fuzzy, quite healthy looking albino rabbit hopping up the sidewalk on South Dakota Avenue!

I wonder if rabbits can find their homes the way that cats and dogs can.

Annie Liebowitz

EB and I went to see the Annie Liebowitz exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery today.  Admission was included when we paid for the Ansel Adams exhibit earlier.  

I first became aware of Annie Liebowitz because of my love for John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  Liebowitz was the photographer who took the famous Rolling Stone cover of the couple lying on a bed.  Yoko, fully clothed and staring out directly are the viewer.  John, naked, wrapped in a fetal position around her.

Having become "a fan" of Liebowitz, I came to know other photos by her - Bette Middler naked in a bed of roses, Whoopie in a bathtub of milk - her dark skin in contrast to the white, Chris Rock in white-face - amazing.  


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