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What if God...

had a MySpace account?

Too funy. :p I think God would say He's lmao.

Especially liked Satan repeatedly requesting God as a friend. There's a bit of theology in this silliness!

P.S. So God uses a mac but with Windows? That's just wrong.


I'm not a gardener.  But I aspire to be one.

Last Fall, under the rationalization that it would protect the plants underneath from the winter snow, I didn't rake up the dead leaves that fell on the flowerbeds, only the grass and sidewalk.  

A few unexpected flowers have popped up here and there in the Spring warmth, but for the most part my backyard still looks pretty barren.  This weekend it suddenly occurred to me that all that dark debris still sitting there might actually be preventing spring shoots from making it up to the surface.  So the first chance I got, which was this afternoon, I raked up the leaves from last Fall.

Lo and behold, tender pink peony shoots, so delicate looking.  I thought for sure they'd died of thirst last summer.

Elsewhere, more shoots.  These green.  I have no idea what they are but am eager to find out.

Tiger Lilies

The tiger lilies - my flower - that I planted last Fall were poking their tender heads through the top soil this morning.  I had worried about them, as all around spring flowers were springing to life.  Maybe they had not made it through the winter.  But there they were this morning, slow perhaps in waking up, and timid, but making their own way into this world nonetheless.  Welcome.


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