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Elephant Painting

Don't remember how I first came across this. I emailed it to a few friends but for some reason forgot to post it. Was a little surprised and saddened that a couple of friends, both of whom are very open spiritually, questioned the authenticity of the video. Is it easier to speculate in humans creating elaborate hoaxes than to believe that there are other living things that can recognize and recreate shapes? I guess it is. Personally, I would rather believe - in both the elephants and in us. 

Emerson v. Channing

Rev. Daniel Harper shows us that even attack ads can be fun.

Ice Cream and Loving Kindness

When I got back from church, famished, my brother handed me something.  He had bought me an It's It!  A San Francisco tradition and my favorite ice cream sandwich in the world.  I scarfed it down, savoring the cinnamony cookie goodness.  We then went to lunch.  (Yes, I had desert first.)

After lunch, we went to the Richmond district apartment building that my parents own.  Something was wrong with the clothes washer and my dad wanted to see if he could fix it.  While he fiddled with machinery, there was nothing for my brother and I to do, so we went over to look at the Golden Gate Bridge.  There's a beautiful view of it not far from the building.  The sky was blue.  The trees a dark green.  The bridge was red.  The wave caps below were white.  Picture perfect.


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