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Hey, we were on the Colbert Report!

For those of you who don't know, the Colbert Report is a show on Comedy Central, a spin-off of The Daily Show with John Stewart, both of which use current events in the news as a vehicle for political satire and social commentary. I would call them "mock-news" shows but honestly sometimes I get caught up with the daily events from them. Stephen Colbert's persona of a pompous, narrow-minded, virulently patriotic Bush-supporter allows him to push it even further than those who play their commentary straight.

Anyway, he was doing one of his regular pieces on religion the other day and brought us UUs into the spotlight by picking on his cameraman "Bobby." Both painful and hilarious!

The De-Deification of the American Faithscape

Joey Cheek

Joey Cheek

On Sunday speed-skater Joey Cheek won gold in the men's 500 meters at the Winter Olympics. Gold medals are usually an admittedly well-deserved excuse to be the center of attention (however briefly). But Joey Cheek chose to turn that attention away from himself towards something greater. "I have always felt if I ever do something big like this I want to be able to give something back," Cheek announced at his winning press conference. "I love what I do, it's great fun, but honestly, it's a pretty ridiculous thing, I skate around in tights. If you keep it in perspective, I've trained my whole life for this but it's not that big a deal. "But because I skated well I have a few seconds of microphone time. And I know how news cycles work. Tomorrow there will be another gold medalist.


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