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Cool Morning

I haven't blogged about it because who wants to hear more complaining, but it has been sooooo hot this summer. The usual afternoon thunderstorms that cool us off a bit have been missing this year and the evenings are almost just as uncomfortable as the days. Opening a window at night offers no respite. In fact, for the first two weeks after I moved into my house I slept in living room (on the first floor) partly because I couldn't stand the temperature in the bedroom (on the second floor).

So why am I talking about it now? Because this morning I opened the front door to go outside and it was chilly!! It was foggy and damp and reminded me of my home town of San Francisco. The entire street in "soft-focus"; so beautiful. Words cannot describe how happy I am.

Joey Cheek II

Hey, Happy Father's Day!! Well, ok, it's only Father's Day in Taiwan.

Back in February of 06, Valentine's Day to be exact, I blogged about Olympic gold medalist Joey Cheek and how cool it was that he was donating his prize money to a charity that helped refugees. Even more than the money I was impressed that he would use his fame to lift up something other than his gifted abilities.

If Mr. Cheek had never done another thing he would still have my heart for that act of kindness. But it turns out his compassion is of the committed kind.

Say It Ain't So!

The Washington Post tells me that the Weekly World News is folding! Without its willingness to report on what no one else is willing to touch, how is a girl to stay informed about the comings and goings of Batboy? Or of Elvis? How will I know when another biblical story has recently been proven true? How are the Men in Black going to keep track of all our alien visitors?

You may think that I'm mocking but I am sincerely saddened. It's not that I usually trusted the stories that graced its pages (ok, never) but I could count on it to always be there, amazing me with its creativity.


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