Under a Dark Sky

It's been so nice to be home in SF and to just not do anything.  Chinese food.  A stroll down to Irving Street for cold, sweet boba drinks...

But my family thinks we have to "do something" while I'm back.  So we take a day trip to one of the Indian casinos.   I guess lights and bells is as good a way as any to celebrate Lantern Festival?  It's pouring rain the entire drive there.  I eat too much at the buffet, especially dessert.  And I lose a little money.  And then I crawl into the car for a nap.

On the way back home the rain picks up again, grim and mildly stressful.  But as we cross the Bay Bridge from Oakland to SF I see my beautiful city.  The skyline, wet and gleaming against a grey backdrop.  The Embarcadero.  Coit Tower.  Nob Hill.  The TransAmerica Building.  And numerous other buildings that I don't know the names of but know well by sight.  My jewel of a city.

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