Red Hibiscus and an Orange Moon

Yvonne came to be my first guest in my new home. As a house warming present she brought a beautiful hibiscus plant with large deep red flowers. We planted it on the side of the front yard, where we'll be able to see it when I eventually get some porch furniture. Since Vonnie had attended a conference in New Jersey with the plant in the car, it was a little worse for wear and I've been fussing about it since it went into the ground on Friday. The hot weather has not helped, and the flowers that were on the plant have all drooped and died. Grimly, I cut off the dead heads.

But this morning, I came outside to be greeted by a big fat beautiful red flower. A new bud had blossomed and I could see more buds were in the works. A fine house-warming indeed.

And tonight, as I walked back to the house from my back alley, I looked up and saw a big fat beautiful nearly full orange moon. Not off-white or yellow, but orange. Don't know why. I had missed the lunar eclipse from last night - the sky was too overcast - but tonight made up for that.

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