Why Hillary Doesn't Get It

I am increasingly unhappy with Clinton's campaign.  First there was the strange Christmas commercial where she is seen wrapping presents addressed with things like "Universal Health Care," "Alternative Energy," and "Bring the Troops Home."  I am as much in favor of these things as much as the next liberal.  But first of all, the Martha Stewart-esque imagery was disturbing.  And secondly and more importantly, these things are not "gifts" from her to us.  Her commercial trivializes these vital necessities.

Next, came the "free fall" commercial that aired at the Super Bowl.  I couldn't believe it.  A man is plummeting to earth, arms flailing, in a free fall while a male voice tells us that the national economy is in ruins.  Only at the last second do you see the parachute open, the implication being that we can save ourselves from imminent disaster if we vote Clinton.  First of all, it was a different man!  Either the Clinton campaign is too cheap to get their symbolism straight or they don't care.  Secondly and more importantly, Clinton is playing into the politics of fear.  Appealing to our basest instincts instead of our nobler side.  

Most recently came the 3 am commercial, which by now has been played so many times there is no need for me to find a link.  Again, she preys upon our fears, showing a woman checking on her kids asleep.  The commercial appeals directly to the suburban soccer moms who have recently voted Republican on the basis of fear - only a Republican can keep their kids safe from the terrorists.  Clinton seems to be claiming she can be that Republican.  (Which begs the question, if we want a Republican why not vote for McCain?)

It seems that Clinton, like Kerry and Gore before her, does not trust the American people.  She cannot put forth a positive message.  What is up with that?  

Mrs Clinton:

This is an election.  People are supposed to be able to make informed decisions.  Do not bribe us or prey on our fears.  Tell us your beliefs and capabilities and then trust us to decide.  If it turns out that the people vote for someone else, well at least then you'll know that we didn't agree with your policies, and that it was not personal.  And if it turns out that the people vote for you, you'll know we're behind your policies.  You'll be empowered to act.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, why don't you play up the fact that you've been elected to the Senate TWICE.  This indicates that the people of New York were happy enough with your performance as Senator to REelect you.  Why don't you put that in a commercial?

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