What the Heck is Hillary Thinking?

Whenever I evaluate a person's actions, particularly a politician's, I look at two considerations: 1) ethics - was it the morally right thing to do? and 2) logic - was it rational?  These are not the same thing.  One might commit a completely unethical act that nonetheless is logically expedient - helps advance your cause.  Ultimately I would argue that unethical acts are not expedient in the long run, but still, I can understand why sometimes people choose the short-term gain.  


With Mrs. Clinton's campaign these days, her choices seem neither ethical nor logical.


First off, there was the 3 am commercial, designed to suggest that Obama does not have enough experience to handle crisis defense decisions.  It's not entirely unethical to raise such a concern. It was not a personal/character attack, tho I disliked the preying on fear.  But it was not logically expedient.  If you're going to raise military experience as a primary concern, McCain is the winner, not Clinton.  She hurts herself even as she attacks Obama.

She did it again shortly thereafter, asserting that Obama was light in the experience category, unlike herself... and John McCain.  And I was like, why the heck would she add that last part?  Who is she running for, herself or McCain?

Now, when the furor over Rev. Wright seems to be dying down just a smidgeon, Clinton decides to raise it again by claiming that if Wright had been her minister, she would have left the church.  

Whether or not it was unethical depends on whether it was sincere or merely calculated.  If for some reason Clinton is truly appalled by Rev. Wright's words, then maybe she has the right to say so.  I guess I simply find it hard to believe that she's really that appalled.  (And if she is, that's an even greater reason to distrust her.)

Logically speaking, this was a ridiculous blunder.  Clinton might have surreptitiously enjoyed the negative attention that it brought Obama when it was other people raising the stink.  But to go on the offensive herself is just... ugly.  Even if she manages to hurt Obama, she is irreversibly turning the faithful against her.    

It used to be I would say that I favored Obama but would be happy if either one won the nomination.  Now that's no longer true.

Both unethical and illogical.  How can we ever respect her again?

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