We've had some cool victories in the area of comprehensive sex ed recently.  In addition to Obama bringing national attention to it, the House recently reauthorized funding for the part of the Title V Social Security Act that provides states with funding for abstinence-only programs.  

Why is this a victory?  Because while it  did so, it also modified the language to require that the programs be medically/scientifically accurate and proven effective at reducing teen pregnancy and STI/HIV transmission, and to grant state flexibility in using the monies as they best see fit.   This effectively means that this funding is no longer "abstinence only" and can be used for more comprehensive programs.  

Congress is recognizing the states'  needs to provide medically accurate information about both abstinence and contraception to our youth so that they can make informed decisions.  It's recognizing that the health and futures of our youth should come before religious ideals of a small but vocal group.  This change is of life-saving importance.

Call your reps and thank them. And those who think we should do even more might want to suggest to their reps that they support the REAL Act (Responsible Education About Life).

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