Obama at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood threw a party for the Democratic presidential candidates to talk about women's health and only Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Edwards came.

Perhaps you heard: it's where Obama supposedly advocated teaching kindergarteners about sex. Not. What has the conservative media in apoplectic fits and UUs and UCC cheering is Obama's unequivocal support for teaching age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education in schools.

What he really said was: "SIECUS [the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S.] believes that comprehensive school-based sexuality education should be part of the education program at every grade. Such programs should be appropriate to the age, developmental level, and cultural background of students and respect the diversity of values and beliefs represented in the community. Comprehensive school-based sexuality education complements and augments the sexuality education children receive from their families, religious and community groups, and health care professionals".

This is exactly what is currently being taught in UU and UCC churches. (Obama is UCC - United Church of Christ.)

Our Whole Lives, or OWL as those of us in the know refer to it, is a comprehensive sexuality education program developed jointly between the UCC and the UUA. The story goes that a UU and a UCC were friends, and both lamenting the dearth of sex education taught in schools ("Just Say No.") and realized that if kids weren't going to be taught what they needed to make healthy, informed choices in school then it was up to the churches to do it. Hence began a seven year collaboration between the two denominations, culminating in OWL.

Why is OWL so important? Is it just because liberals like to talk about sex? No, it's about justice. The reason why is important is because proper sex ed is not being taught in schools, and kids are getting STDs and unplanned pregnancies, and BLGT kids are confused and ostracized - all as a result of kids being left in the dark about sexuality. Ignorance is not bliss; the "abstinence-only" approach kills. From our point of view, when lives are being destroyed due to kids not being given the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions, that's IMMORAL. So if govt won't do what's necessary to save lives, then it's up to the churches to step in.

But if every now and then a politician has the balls to say that govt should be involved in saving lives, more power to Obama! Smile

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