GA 06.20.07 - Stand By This Faith

Well, the opening session of GA 2007 has come and gone. We observed three mile stones. Thirty years ago, we passed a resolution called "Women and Religion" calling us to examine and challenge sexist assumptions and attitudes, including sexist language. Ten years ago, we passed two business resolutions, one called "Toward an Anti-Racist Unitarian Universalist Association" and the other called "Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities." In all three cases, we were called to move towards conscious, broader inclusivity, not just in theory but in practice, and called to start changing the world by examining our own house.

The theme of the observance of these milestone anniversaries was that "it matters what we do" resolution-wise. As a result of passing these resolutions and recognizing our own areas for growth, we have worked to be more inclusive, less oppressive than we were before. We weren't perfect when we passed them. We aren't perfect now. But we're better as a result. I totally dig that; it's one of the things that I love about UU.

Otoh, there was more than a little bit of silliness/irony about the moment. Right after proudly announcing that we were now going to say "please rise in body and/or in spirit" before hymns in order to not marginalize anyone with physical disabilities, we launched into a song which repeated these words: "Stand By Me While I Run This Race." :P That kind of awkward faux pas, as we navigate the potential land-mines of living out of principles, is also something that I associate with Unitarian Universalism. And when I'm not too busy being maddened by it, even that is endearing.

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