The Imperfectionist

Forrest Church

The reason I’ve been able to produce

so much is that I’m not a perfectionist

– I’m an imperfectionist.


I’m confident that everything I say

can be improved upon by others,

and that’s my great strength,

because I know that it won’t been improved upon by others

unless I take the first step.


When we only do things which please us,

or don’t frighten us,

after a while fewer and fewer things please us.


Over time, our circle of options diminishes

until we are prisoners in gardens of our own making.


The more decisions you make in your life,

the more times you act,

the more certain it is that you will be wrong.


To be fulfilled we need to recognize,

all of us,

that the world doesn’t owe us a living

– rather we owe the world a living.


And in the brief time that is given us,

we must somehow learn to give ourselves away.

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