Energy Appreciation

Kat Liu

These "appreciation meditations" can be as quiet and introspective or as energetic and interactive as you desire.  The aim is cultivating gratitude.  Gratitude is the starting point for generosity and action.  (This exersize is best performed after dark.)


May the light we now kindle
Inspire us to use our powers
To heal and not to harm
To help and not to hinder
To bless and not to curse
To serve you, Spirit of Life

- Adapted from Singing the Living Tradition, #453


Light a candle.  

Hold your hands towards the flame and feel its warmth.  Feel the energy radiating from the candle to your palms and up your arms. 

The flame of the candle is being fed by the wax or oil.  No matter what your candle is made of, the fire is fed by breaking down long chains of carbon into CO2.  Those chains of carbon stored the energy of the sun, which is released when broken.  So the candle flame in front of you, radiating warmth, is sunlight stored away to be released at another time. It was this stored energy that allowed our ancestors to see even after the sun set for the evening, releasing the sun's rays at night.  It is this stored energy that allows us to live our "modern" lives.  Give thanks to the sun.  

Now we are going to take a brief tour around the house.  (You can extinguish your candle.)

Turn on a light.

Think about what a difference it makes in the room, how much easier it is to see.  Give thanks for the light.

Open the refrigerator door.  See the little light turn on, allowing you to easily view its contents.  Feel the cool air.  (Close it.)

Open the freezer door.  Hear the hum of the compressor.  Feel the even cooler air.  (Close it.)

Think about what life would be like if you had no refrigeration.  What foods do you enjoy that would be hard to keep?  Give thanks for the refrigeration.

Turn on the stove.  Hold your hand a safe distance from the burner.  Feel the heat.  (Turn it off.)

Think about what life would be like if you had no way to cook your food.  What foods do you enjoy that would no longer exist without cooking?  Give thanks for the fire of the stove.
(If doing this with kids, ask them to name their favorite foods that they wouldn't be able to eat any more without energy to cook food.)

Turn on your favorite form of viewing entertainment (tv, internet, etc).  Notice the hum of the tv or computer, or witness the light blinking on.  We take for granted that these sights and sounds will happen when we flip a switch.  Imagine how you would feel if the electricty did not flow?

What are other things in your home that require electricity to operate? 

If you have a car, or even if you don't but take the bus, give thanks for the energy that it takes to transport you from one place to another.  

Almost every convenience that we have in life requres energy.  Give thanks for the energy you have and think about how to make sure everyone has enough.


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