Confident, from Poems to Welcome Spring

Alice Walker ©2015


A world
Will start
After this one
I vow to spend
My Saturdays
Getting over myself
And abandoning
Projections, violations of spirit (mine and
Everyone else’s)
Prejudices and misrepresentations
Of all kinds.
A new world
Is coming
But it will not be this same one
Somewhat improved.
After devastation
Will not be troubled again
For many eternities.
According to prophecy
Even humans will know peace
For a thousand years
At least.
We will not be ruled
By twin towers
Ivory or otherwise
Making love to death
Generation after generation.
The rule of the double phallus
Will be over
For quite a while.
Encourage the light
That best supports
Your vision
For the whole.
Time is almost up
For us.
Don’t stay asleep.
Find that spot of grass
And soil you’ve always
Stay wide awake: do your share
Of kneeling and kissing.

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