Seven Principles Calendar

Seven liturgical "seasons" (with some down-time in December and summer) in observance of our Seven Principles. Each season is associated with one of the colors of the rainbow. During each season, stories are told about our Unitarian Universalist tradition... people who said "Yes" when the Spirit called them to action.  (Other established UUobservances are included even if they do not necessarily fit the theme.)

This calendar is a work in progress, meant to be revised by the experiences and insights of the UU community.  Adopt/adapt as much or as little as you find useful and please provide suggestions in the wizdUUm discussion forums.

3rd Principle
Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning

(from late Sept to late Oct)

John Murray preaches universalism for the first time in the U.S. (Sept 30th)

Indigenous People's Day (Oct 8th)

The Start of OWL

4th Principle
Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth

(from late Oct to late Nov)

Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov 20)

UUSC's Guest at Your Table (Sunday before Thanksgiving)

How Kwanzaa came to be (12/26/04 to 1/1/05)

1st Principle
Inherent Worth & Dignity of Every Person

(from mid Jan to mid Feb)

Standing on the Side of Love's 30 Days of Love

from Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday (January 15)

to Valentine's Day (February 14)

2nd Principle
Justice, Equity & Compassion in Human Relations

(from mid Feb to late March)

Waitstill & Martha Sharp sail for Nazi-occupied Europe (observed 3rd Sunday in Feb)

Anniversary of March from Selma (March 7th - observed 1st Sunday in March)

Martyrdom of Rev. James Reeb and Ms. Viola Liuzzo (observed 2nd Sunday in March)

UUSC's Justice Sunday (observed 3rd Sunday in March)

7th Principle
The Interdependent Web of Existence

(from late March to late April)

Climate Justice Month

from World Water Day (March 22)

to Earth Day (April 22)

6th Principle
World Community with Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All

(from late April to late May)

Birthday of Laura Towne (May 3rd)

Julia Ward Howe founds Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May)

Stories of Clara Barton and Dorthea Dix

5th Principle
The Right of Conscience and the Use of the Democratic Process

(from late May to late June)

Women's Rights Convention of Seneca Falls & Rochester - Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucy Stone ()

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