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We are crowdsourcing Unitarian Universalism! wizdUUm.net exists to promote Unitarian Universalist values and affirm UU identity by facilitating the sharing of UU resources and ideas. Members who have demonstrated responsibleness and commitment to our vision are invited to add their voice as we co-create the Beloved Community.

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UU Stories

John Murray Sailed Over the Ocean

Many years ago, there were two separate kinds of churches – the Unitarians, and the Universalists. Each church started on its own, but over time, they grew to have more things in common with each other. This is the story about the person who started the Universalist church; his name was John Murray.


New Shoes

New Shoes a sermon by Madelyn Campbell delivered to the Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church on 27 July, 2014   

    I invite you to look down at your feet. Look at your feet and at the feet around you. What are you wearing on your feet today? It’s July in northern Virginia, and we have all sorts of footwear choices for summer, and for church, and there’s a variety here today.

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